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  • Proletarec -- June 22, 1909
    Discrimination against Glas Svobode and its Owner

    On Dec. 26, 1908. the Slovenian Socialistic Club No. 1 in Chicago, issued a resolution condemning false representation by Glas Svobode and discriminating against its owner, M. Konda.

    The resolution reads as follows:- Whereas Glas Svobode, the so-called socialist newspaper published at 597 W. 20th St., Chicago, Ill., in the Slovenian language and owned by Martin Konda, proved itself through many articles, notes and paragraphs - especially through a certain article published in its issue, No. 43, dated Oct. 23, 1908, in which it recommended a Democratic candidate for election as non-socialistic and treasonable to the socialist principles and platform, and to the Socialist Party at large; whereas Glas Svobode admitted in issue No. 43 dated Oct. 23, 1908, frankly with the words: "We never said that Glas Svobode would be a Socialist paper", as a non-socialistic action before the English Socialist Party, unfamiliar with the language and character of the paper and yet seeks financial aid from the Party; whereas, the said paper, Glas Svobode, declared itself in issue No. 43 dated Oct. 23, 1908, as a free-thinking and progressive paper, but still tells its readers how good a friend it is to the working people, so that the workers will buy the paper and thereby help fill the 2 pockets of its owner, Martin Konda.

    Therefore, be it resolved by members of South Slovenian Socialist Branch, Tenth Ward, Chicago, Cook County, Ill., at a regular meeting assembled Dec. 26, 1908, that said Glas Svobode is no more worthy of any moral or financial support from any existing socialist party or from socialists at large, and therefore is put on the unfair list of all socialists and class-conscious workers; and be it further

    Resolved, that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Executive Committee of the Cook County Socialist Party for adoption and to the national secretary of the Socialist Party of the U. S. for distribution to every socialist paper or magazine, to be given as wide a publication as possible.

    Chicago, Ill., Dec. 26, 1908.

    Chairman - Mike Kuloveo

    Secretary - Frank Podlipec

    II B 2 d 1, I E