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  • Proletarec -- June 22, 1909
    Resolution Condemning Glas Svobode

    The Delegate Committee of the Socialist Party of Cook County, session held June 13, 1909, at 180 S. Washington St., Chicago, Ill., endorsed the following resolution:

    To the Cook County Delegate Committee, Grievance Committee Report in the case of 10th and 11th Ward Branches of the South Slovenian organization vs. Glas Svobode.

    The evidence submitted to the grievance committee is to the effect that the paper, Glas Svobode, is not a socialist paper.

    Its manager and owner, Martin Konda, admitted that it is an independent and free thought advocate, and that he is not a member of the socialist party.

    Now, therefore, as said, Glas Svobode has been listed by other well established party organs, and also supported by and through party commendation, and in view of the above unquestioned evidence, we, the Grievance Committee, find that said paper is not a socialist paper in the sense that other papers of the Socialist Party are (although it has in the past shown an apparent friendship and support 2 to the Socialist Party). We, therefore, recommend that the county secretary be instructed to send a copy of this resolution to the national secretary of the Socialist Party, who will submit it to the socialist press.

    Fraternally submitted,

    L. W. Hardy, J. N. Born, A. Fishman. A. A. Patterson, Jas. P. Larsen, Committee.

    Indorsed and accepted by the Delegate Committee, Socialist Party of Cook County, session held June 13, 1909.

    G. T. Fraenckel, Sec'y.

    II B 2 d 1, I E