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  • Osadne Hlasy -- January 03, 1930
    Midwest Slovak Catholic Baseball League Holds Official Presentation of Trophies

    The official presentation of trophies for the 1929 baseball season was made by Rev. John Lach, President of the Midwest Slovak Catholic Baseball League, at an informal dinner held December 18th, at the Geneva House, Whiting, Indiana.

    All trophies were won by St. Michaels of Chicago, but unfortunately their representatives were not present to receive them and therefore Rev. John Fedor of Chicago, accepted them in their behalf.

    The program for the evening began with a dinner, after which the presentation ceremonies were conducted by Father Lach. In a short speech he congratulated St. Michaels for winning the championship for the second consecutive year, and expressed his regrets at their inability to be present. He stressed the fact that good sportmanship has ever prevailed among the teams of the League and gave his best wishes for the continued success of them all.

    This occasion marked the third successful year of the Leagues' existence, and a more successful season than any previous one. All teams showed marked improvement.


    All teams affiliated with the League are from the Calumet Region, with the exception of St. Cyril's and St. Michaels'.

    II B 3, III C