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This article was published in 1933.
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  • Osadne Hlasy -- January 06, 1933
    An Announcement to Citizens of the Twenty-First Ward

    All the members of the Slovak Citizen's Club in the twenty-first Ward are asked to be present at a meeting, January 6, at 7:30 o'clock. It will be held in the C. S. P. S. hall, 1126 West Eighteenth Street.

    Now, fellow citizens, is the time to show our determination to elevate ourselves and the Slovak name during the year 1933. We cannot wait for wonders to happen, nor must we depend on the help of others. We must work in every possible way to reach the goal and make our dreams a reality. Therefore, citizens of the twenty-first Ward, we appeal to you for your assistance and co-operation. We hope that you will be present at this meeting, because many important matters will be discussed. Membership cards will be distributed at the meeting. All those who wish to receive their cards are asked to be present.

    I F 2, I F 1