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  • Ukraina -- May 19, 1917
    (By Vladimir Siemenovich) Ukrainian Day

    Another important event in the Chicago Ukrainian life was the "Ukrainian Day." At first there was a misunderstanding in this community; a few even held very boisterous meetings among the members of the "Ukrainian Federation," i. e. among the sympathizers of the "Ukrainian Council." We must admit however, that the Ukrainian intelligentsia of Chicago was seeking an agreement with both these parties while, on the contrary, the general public at first could not find its bearings as to the procedure in the matter. Yet in the end, mainly under the influence of Father Nicholas Strutynsky and a few other intelligent people, there followed agreement, in a way that the "Ukrainian Council" gave to the members of the "Federation" their tags and in return they were given the collection boxes,--and finally they all agreed to work together for the good of their people.

    The District Committee of the "Federation" undertook to see to it that everything is done to put over the "Ukrainian Day" successfully. Madam Strutynsky, Messrs. Kowalsky, Strusevich and Osadovsky, personally worked hard in the organization preparing everything needed for the "Ukrainian Day."

    They applied for help from the Lithuanians, Poles, and even went from house to house collecting from their own as well as from others.


    We must sincerely thank our girls and women that worked ardently on this day, collecting money from the passing people in the streets.

    The committee recommended that Dr. Vladimir Siemenovich and Mr. Strusevich take care of the exterior arrangement of the "Ukrainian Day."

    They arranged for the announcement of the "Ukrainian Day" in American newspapers as much as possible. Thus, all the Chicago papers carried more or less spacious articles. The Chicago Herald even carried an extensive article, stating the present situation and the desire of the Ukrainians for their freedom and independence; so did the Chicago American. Once more did the poetess and writer, Madam Laflin, publish a sketch from the life of a poor Ukrainian family in a very sympathetic spirit.

    Mr. M. Sichynsky and Dr. Siemenovich undertook to request the aldermen, to permit the collecting of money in the streets of Chicago. So a full success was obtained.

    Notwithstanding the fact that Father Nicholas Strutynsky was opposing the independent Church for a long time past, yet during this day he allowed both 3the parishes to hold a meeting of all the Ukrainians in the hall of his Church. This we should be thankful for to him since from that time on both the parties started a mutual understanding.

    The income from the "Ukrainian Day" up till now was $8,353.68, from the "Federations" alone; as to the amount collected by the "Ukrainian Council," I could not find out, but I think that it did not exceed a few hundred dollars; --this however, is quite satisfactory.

    The Chicago American Committee gathered more than $1,300.00 which was added to the whole amount. In this a $1,000.00 check came from a Chicago millionaire, Paten. The Pullman Company sent a separate $50.00 check straight to the Ukrainian "Federation" in New York.

    From the above mentioned amount, we have yet to pay the expenses, but for these expenses a separate collection is being held.

    We must state that the Poles as well as the Lithuanians, backed us considerably, for they sent their girls for the collections;--and the Lithuanians even established a separate committee for themselves and collected nearly $600.00 for the Ukrainians. The exact amount of the offerings and collections 4will be announced in the following issue of the Ukraina. The "Ukrainian Day" brought a great moral profit to the Ukrainians as a whole, besides the material aid.

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