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  • Sichovi Visty -- July 13, 1918

    Ukrainian youth! Undoubtedly the Siege News appears at the proper time. At this opportune time it brings to you a highly ideal slogan: "In the healthy body, a healthy mind."

    It is at the right time that this sacred work is being started; the work which tends to organize our youth into the Siege Organization, with the object of helping a balanced development of the physical and spiritual forces of the commonalty. In other words, to help to unfold the all around proper balanced development of the youth in America. This kind of upbringing is positively necessary. Even although this work is somewhat belated, nevertheless it is better late than never.

    May we say one thing on our behalf, that the founders of the Siege News do not have any intention of satisfying their private ambition. The Siege News is a crystallization of wishes which are founded on idealism and love of the nation, especially the youth. The Siege News 2goes to you, the progeny of our famous forefathers, to help to bring out and show forth the life-giving light, to uplift the average person both physically and spiritually, to lay a foundation on which we can build a plan for a fulfillment of our national duty here.

    When we observe the development of cultured nations, we notice that they, in bringing up the new generation, took into consideration a balanced development both intellectually and physically. The results of this upbringing were such that sickly-looking individuals were almost entirely eliminated; there was no prematurely old youth, no pessimists, no individuals careless toward the affairs of their own nation. The importance of such upbringing was properly understood in the old country during the last years before the World War. Every 3one there looked intelligently upon the development of our Ukrainian "eagle" and "Siege" ranks, for they knew the consequential meaning of it all. The brutal ruinous war did not spare our "eagles" and "Sieges." Yet, one day the war will be over and they will arise again to life.

    In America, for several years there was felt an ardent necessity of the Siege Organization. Here our youth is exposed to a thousand and one dangers. Now, when we look upon the life with our own eyes, the American youth, not only in the educational institutions but also in clubs, cares for a physical development: our own youth, however, is getting dissipated before, our very eyes. Our youth here is on the road to ruin.

    We cannot say that our Ukrainian youth does not like athletic associations. We can gather many facts which prove that many a Ukrainian young man belongs to foreign organizations. This is a great loss to 4our own nation. We must not permit our energetic youth to lose itself in the foreign scattered fields.

    Some years ago many branches of our Siege Organization were opened. This is a comeback to the better. This is a nice beginning. Let us not fold our arms; let us not abandon our well-begun work. "Well begun is half done" only then, when the other half is not slept through.

    On our part we have done, are doing, and will do everything to make the Siege Organization grow for the good and glory of this country and Ukrainia.

    In order to animate thoroughly the Ukrainian Siege movement in America, we undertake to publish The Siege News. Let us not put any political program ahead of another. Our object is: to train the youth of Ukrainian descent of both sexes, and the training of the youth will be of such 5a nature that both physical and intellectual faculties simultaneously will be taken care of by a development of the physical energy through athletics, and the young mind through reading the proper literature, lectures, etc. The character of such training is of a patriotic nature. When our youth is well educated and enlightened, then it will follow such political roads which will add the most for the good of the whole nation.

    "In the sound body, a sound mind!" When our physical strength develops by joint physical drills, then our minds will crave also for work and knowledge. Then we shall help the youth to get rid of thousands imperfections which fall into their eyes. Then we shall guard the youth from thousands of dangers, against languish and demoralization, of which Ukrainia will be proud.

    We send out to you this first issue of the Siege News. Let this our 6periodical be the center of the life of our youth. Let it keep us united in one large family; let is lead us always onward to progress, to everything uplifting and sublime. Let it long live and serve for the glory and good of the whole nation.

    With sending to you this first issue of the Siege News, we appeal to you: Join one and all the Siege Organization! Open up Siege branches everywhere. Unite, work, and educate yourselves! On this depends our future.

    Accept the Siege News with such love as we are sending it out into the world.

    We are aware of having done our part! Now it is up to you, Ukrainian youth, to do yours!

    III B 2, I M, II B 2 d 1, II B 3, III A, III E