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  • Ukraina -- May 19, 1917
    To Our Readers

    In turning out this first issue of the Ukraina to the Ukrainian people, we put on our program first, the satisfying of the reading public as much as our strength permits; not contradicting the wishes of our people; not dictating to them our own ideas as if these ideas were the "Holy Faith", without asking their approval in the matter; not imposing ourselves upon any party or any religion. We do not pretend to be the "Ukrainian Moses" to lead you. We intend, not to be your director, but to be with you in work, in rebirth, in morality, in progress, in struggles and in gain.

    Looking over the list of the existing newspapers up to date, we find that they all represent some party or sect, and that they all have monopolized already certain branches of the national life, with their program and aspiration for their ideals; that they have crystalized themselves in the motives of the group work. Thus, to our newspaper, there was nothing left except to work in the field which the progressives, parties, and sectarians had left untilled in the struggle for our ideals. This nationalism, although it comes into the program of them all, yet 2when abused or overdone by them the exploitations year after year, cause the real workers to take care of the same.

    This neglected soil is really our Ukrainian nationalism. This truly is our aim and purpose, the ideal of our newspaper. Our work then, is to improve this neglected soil. That is why we turn to all that love to labor in the national field for the amelioration of conditions. We call on all the Ukrainian patriots to come to us with their spiritual and material means. Primarily, we call on all the people to whom we guarantee clean and healthy nationalistic endeavors, without party or religious "isms", quarrels or family fights. We call our poets and young writers who squander their strength and ability in class and religious conflicts, neglecting their God-given creative talent. We call on our artists, painters, and inventors to try their strength on the pages of the Ukraina before they awaken the whole world with their genius. Let them contribute either by pen or by pictures to the beauty of the Ukrainian rebirth.

    We also ask all the other Ukrainian newspapers to meet in friendly spirit as fair-minded people do, because we do not enter into any competition with them nor do we think of spoiling anybody's business.


    We are not going to attack any party, sect, or individual. Our newspaper is not that of any privileged Ukrainian class in America.

    We are publishing the Ukraina for the Ukrainians, in order to uplift to the heights Ukrainian nationalism and all that is closely connected with it. Our greatest ambition in editing our Ukraina is to acquaint the strong countries such as England, America and France, with Ukrainian questions in order to get their support for these problems in their newspapers and offices. Furthermore, to obtain from the Ukrainians the moral and material help, and in a short time to make Ukraina a daily newspaper.

    II B 2 d 1, III H