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  • Ukraina -- August 09, 1917
    Let Us Unite!

    Every Chicago lover of song and music, has noticed that recently in Chicago the Ukrainian choruses have been neglected, whereas formerly they enjoyed great popularity, both among our own and other people.

    Just who is to be blamed for this neglect of the Chicago choruses is hard to say, whether it is the directors or the singers.

    There can be various reasons for these misunderstandings, but we must bear in mind that our native songs stand higher than our personal feelings. Everyone knows, what great value music has. It gives to the soul the highest joy. It fills the heart with gladness and content. It makes the people forget their misfortunes and raises them on unseen wings to heights of joy, into invisible yet beautiful regions. Even when it moves us to tears it only cleanses, dignifies and uplifts our souls. No pleasure, no play can compare with music. It makes people finer and more delicate. Music creates peace among men, by inducing them all to the one and same high end.

    Under the influence of music all work becomes lighter and more interesting. People captivated by music become bolder, braver and daring of spirit.


    But there is something still more important than the music alone and that is song. For in the song, with the aid of words, voice, feeling and music there is brought out everything that is within the soul, gladness and sadness. Through the voice every word of the singer flows into the soul of the listener and makes him think, disposes him to melancholy or mirth, as the singer desires.

    In song, just as in a mirror, is found the reflection of all the human life with its misfortunes, joys, sufferings and rejoicings.

    Music and song make people more considerate of the distress of their fellowmen. Should we Ukrainians, the endowed singing nation, abandon these treasures, that other people acquire with much difficulty?

    Are we really unfit and incompetent for group work, to raise the polyphonic art of singing to its really high standard always held by our nation? Do not remain deaf to this invitation, the voice in the wilderness, but let us join the ranks of the participants, and work with the community, thus raising our song to the highest standard of art, for the glory of our native country and for the satisfaction of ourselves, the Chicago Ukrainians.

    II B 1 a