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  • Ukraina -- May 16, 1918
    The Political Aspect of the Ukrainians in America

    The misunderstanding between the benefit associations and the political organizations has no perceptible effect upon the attitude of the Ukrainian immigrants. Why? Because the national spirit is too powerful to be touched by these disagreements. It is noteworthy that the great body of Ukrainians is really in accord with the political organizations, as well as, with the benefit associations. This is true because of the strong bond of national unity. Little misunderstandings, unnoticeable friction, in the realm of politics is not only not harmful, but is on the contrary, unavoidable, very beneficial, and necessary to the life of the organizations. The one main ideal is never lost sight of, viz: Freedom for their own nation. These misunderstandings are due to the fact that some do not have sufficient knowledge and understanding of national questions. The shortcoming of this paper Workman could suitably be its chaos.

    In our opinion this newspaper has neither moral nor social influence upon 2national affairs. The Canadian Ranok is a Presbyterian newspaper. We must admit that in the United States of America we have the Ukrainian-American Workman, a social-religious newspaper, whose "knowledge" and revealed truth are supposed to be grounded on revelation, miracles, and, as the National Freedom sarcastically states, on fortune telling.

    The political policy of all our benevolent society organs, is one: against Germany, against Austria, and sympathy with the Allies and the Ukrainian nation. We do not intend to repeat the strong arguments of our worthy newspapers which have so thoroughly discussed this question. We believe there is not a single Ukrainian in the United States or Canada who would have a different attitude; that is, who would not take sides with the Allies, and the Ukrainians, against Germany and Austria.

    It is a fact that there was no special agitation among the Ukrainians for any one political set-up. Again, the orientations as before so now, is not 3an artificial outcome of a certain political or benefit association. Slight differences in our orientation have occurred as if by means of some unseen force during the last four years. These truths can not be denied by anyone. These are facts and need no further proofs. Yet it would be interesting to explain them.

    First: Why are benefit associations which are somewhat hostile as far as business is concerned, yet, are all bound in a wise, one-front, all-national understanding?

    Secondly: Why do our political national organizations, such as the Federation of the Ukrainians in the United States, and The Ukrainian Council, in Philadelphia, which are mutually great enemies, so opposed to each other just like fire and water, why do they have, we ask, this one and the same beautiful aim, the establishment of national unity among Ukrainians? From our investigation we cast out the socialistic federation party in the United 4States and which we do not acknowledge as an organization at all, and which is, according to our views, a foolishly childish burlesque of socialism.

    The answer to the first as well as to the second question is one. It is the national spirit which, by the law of nature, must evolve. Once its evolution is begun no counter force, no enemy can suppress it.

    Nations are made up of individuals, and they have the same right to freedom as each individual has; therefore, a nation must have a full right to independent freedom and must not be impeded in its evolution.

    But can our nation live in freedom under the control of German iron-clad militarism, when in our own home not we, but a foreign element, shall be the boss? The answer is self-evident. This was the cause to wake up our energetic nation politically with the slogan: "Away with the militarism of the Central Powers ! Away with the control of our nation ! Let freedom of the free nations live!"


    The spirit of this slogan swayed all our newspapers abroad. This attitude of the Ukrainians in the United States is not the result of any agitation, but is just merely the natural outcome of a healthy national spirit.

    The Ukrainian colony in the city of Chicago displayed its energetic national spirit in the preparation of the Ukrainian manifestation, held on May 11, 1918. In the executive committee all the Ukrainian local societies were represented, with the exception of the small group of the socialist party.

    The manifestation of thousands of Ukrainians proved to be a grand success.

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