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  • Russkaya Pochta -- June 16, 1917
    The Resolution of the Russian-Ukrainian Mass-Meeting

    On June 3, 1917 a mass-meeting of the Russian-Ukrainians in Chicago took place and the following resolution was made: Taking into consideration the successfully achieved Russian revolution, we Russian and Ukrainian peasants and workers unanimously resolve: 1) The expression of great thanks to all fighters of Russian liberty and the wish of a successful restoration of peace and order in a free country. 2) The expression of full confidence in the provisionary government, insisting on a victorious outcome of the war in order once and for all, to put an end to militarism. 3) To give to all nationalities inhabiting Russia freedom on the basis of autonomy. 4) The confiscation in favor of the people of all the natural riches and a just distribution of such. 5) The return to the parishioners of all Russian church property appropriated by the bishops. 6) The dismissal of all former tsarist officials, consuls and representatives in America and their replacement by representatives of free Russia. 7) The taking of measures against the Russian clergy, which agitates 2against the new people's government and for the restoration of monarchy in Russia. 8) The confiscation in favor of the people all the property received, as a reward for service to the former tsars. 9) Russia should be a democratic republic. 10) The full prohibition of the sale of liquors. 11) The introduction of obligatory general peoples education. 12) The expression of deep thanks to the American Republic, who has taken under its protection all Russians, who suffered from the former tsaristic regime. The present resolution was worked out after a grand manifestation in honor of liberty and unanimously accepted by the Russian-Ukrainian mass-meeting, and it was resolved to send it immediately to the Russian State Duma. Note: This resolution is an expression of the public opinion of the progressive part of the Russian colony in Chicago, which was hostile to the tsaristic regime. In general one could safely say that almost the whole Russian colony at that time was supporting the provisional government of Kerensky, with the exception of a small number of persons, who belonged to different political movements more to the left, than the government of Kerensky. This resolution reflects the frame of mind of the great majority of Russians in Chicago. N. K.)

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