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  • Record-Herald -- January 02, 1909
    Italians Are Generous

    Throughout yesterday afternoon Guido Sabetta the Italian consul; Bernard B. Barasa, his legal adviser, and Dr. Antonio Lagorio, treasurer, Stephen Malato, secretary, of the Chicago Italian committee selected to take charge of the work of obtaining funds from Italians of Chicago, remained in room 412 of the Masonic Temple greeting visitors and thanking them for donations.

    It was announced last evening that $2,000.00 is at hand to swell the fund already sent to the minister of foreign affairs at Rome and that today this sum, in all probability, will be increased to $4,000.00. It is the policy of consul Sabetta, whenever any considerable amount is on hand, to cable it to Rome as promptly as possible.

    Table Piled With Money.

    Throughout the afternoon Dr. Lagorio was kept busy receiving donations and toward evening gold, silver and bank notes were piled high upon the table before him.


    The amount already donated by South Water Street fruit merchants has almost reached $2,000.00.

    It was announced that today and tomorrow there will be meetings of at least 250 Italian societies and that substantial additions to the relief fund can be expected from those sources.

    Consul Sabetta received a communication yesterday from P. S. Lombros, proprietor and editor of the Greek Star of Chicago, who announced that contributions collected by that publication for the relief of the earthquake sufferers already amounted to $185.50. In order that other Greeks may be given an opportunity to contribute the time for receiving contributions by the Greek Star has been continued until Friday.

    Mass Meeting Today.

    An "earthquake mass meeting" will be held at 12 o'clock today in the Y.M. C. A. Building at 153 La Salle Street. Among the prominent men expected to be present are : C. H. Wacker, Mayor Busse, Judge Julian W. Mack, George E. Roberts, Judge John Gibbons, Charles M. Walker, Judge Axel Chritans, Edward J.


    Brundage, Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Julius Stern, Frank J. Loesch, A. M. Thomson, John V. Farwell, G. G. Goss, Cyrus Bentley and Dr. H. B. Favill.

    At this meeting the matter of sending the business men's fund direct to Switzerland, where a special train can be fitted out and dispatched to the devastated region will be discussed.

    Mayor Buss sent a cablegram yesterday to Professor Lorenz, the famous surgeon, asking him to organize a corps of nurses and head the relief expedition. Another cablegram was dispatched to the burgomaster at Geneva, Switzerland, asking him to direct the expenditure of the money. Answers to these messages are expected at the meeting today.

    II D 10, I C, III H