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  • Chicago Italian Chamber of Commerce -- [Unknown date]
    Italian Industries in Chicago. the Chicago Macaroni Company

    The Chicago Macaroni Company, which until recently occupied very modest quarters, has developed in a manner that promises to make it one of the outstanding factories of its kind in the world.

    The continued development of this concern made it necessary to build additional space so that its building now measures 413 ft. in length; and 130 ft. in width. The building and land are now valued at $600,000. It is situated at Sangamon, Canalport, and Morgan streets, on the Burlington Railroad. It employs 300 people and the daily output of its products is 150,000 pounds.


    The great demand for the products of the Chicago Macaroni Company, is justified by their quality and service. Pure Durum Wheat is used exclusively and the modern and complete equipment permits the company to satisfy every taste with its 82 varieties of macaroni and egg noodles.

    It is no exaggeration to say that Chicago Macaroni Company has contributed the most to popularizing this tasty and select dish; and this is because of the foresight and integrity of the founders of this company.

    Consolidating with the two importers of Italian food products, A. Morici & Co., and G. Matalone, in May, 1928, it now has capital exceeding two million dollars.

    Officials are Fred Matalone, president; Philip Morici, vice president; Stephen Matalone, secretary; and general manager; and Antonio Morici, treasurer.

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