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  • The Occident -- June 18, 1885
    Meeting of the Young American Hebrew Association.

    A special meeting of the Chicago branch of the Young American Hebrew Association was held last night at 134 Pacific Avenue for the purpose of greeting Mr. David Stickles, the general agent sent out here from New York for the purpose of perfecting the Chicago organization and placing it upon a higher plane.

    The association is national, and there is a branch in every city in the United States, but for some reason this branch has not met expectation. It has, however, been organized but three months, and has done some good work in that time. Its objects are to assist the deserving, no matter what their nationality or color; unemployed men are given work or found transportation to other cities where they think they can find employment. Others are given outfits of goods to sell and so forth.


    The organization here has spent about $50 in three months; found work for several and assisted many to get to other places. But the object of Mr. Stickles' visit is to suggest and devise means whereby its labors may become more effective. There is an internation association in London. Sir Moses Montefiore and Baron Rothschild being interested in it. Nothing definite was settled upon at this meeting, but steps will be at once taken toward securing a permanent location for the headquarters, which have hitherto been located at 134 Pacific Avenue.

    III E, II D 8