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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- January 02, 1928
    "Hanoar Hoivri" Jewish People's Institute.

    A general meeting of the "Hanoar Hoivri" was held Sunday, January 15, at the Jewish People's Institute, at 7:30 P. M. sharp.

    The large attendance and enthusiastic spirit of all the members indicated the interest of the Jewish youth of Chicago in Jewish problems, in the reviva of the Hebrew language, and the creation of a permanent Hebrew cultural and social center for the Hebrew speaking youth of Chicago.

    A. Schiff, former secretary of the "Hanoar Hoivri," addressed the audience in Hebrew, pointing out the duties and responsibilities of the Jewish youth in the great historic moment of our national and cultural renaissance, and urging the members to lend their assistance and whole hearted support to the progress and development of this organization.


    A. Liebenson, ex-president of the "Hanoar Hoivri," made a brief report on all the social and cultural activities of this organization in the past, and outlined its prospective activities for the future.

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