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  • The Occident -- November 19, 1880

    On acquiring possession it was dedicated toits new purposes as a Jewish Temple, in September ( onthe eve of Rosh Hashana ) 1864.

    Five years later, the congregation finding that the location was not a suitable one, disposed of this property and purchases a lot on thecorner of Jackson and Sangamon Street upon which they erected the Temple in which the congregation now assemble. But now the temple which has done duty for eleven years proves too small for holidays and some other occasions, and it is proposed to either buy or build a new temple. Certain it is, in such an event, the congregation would enter into a new period of prosperity and usefulness and would become a still richer source of blessing to hundreds of co-religionists residing on the West Side.

    The congregation maintains also a flourishing Sabbath school, of which Dr. Felsenthal is Superintendent. The present staff of teachers consist of the following ladies and gentlemen:- Mrs. Leah Strauss, Miss Leonora Strauss, Miss Carrie Homan, Mr. H. Eliassof, Mr. Ira Rubel and Mr. Moses Greenbaum.

    There are about one hundred and fifty children in attendance.


    The Zion Literary Society, the most popular and prosperous one of its kind in this city, was founded several years ago by the enthusiasm and zeal of some members of the congregation, and there has always been a mutual attachment between the congregation and the society.

    As another branch of thecongregation the "Israelittische Frauen Verin" and the "West Side Sewing Society" must bw mentioned....About two years ago Zion Congregation joined the U. of A. H. C., Anshey Mayriv having previously connected itself withthis Union. But it is time that other congregations should follow their example. In a few months the Union will hold its biennial council in our city, and what a deplorable circumstance will it be if the large Jewdom of Chicago is represented by only two of its many congregations at that time.

    III C, II B 1 d