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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- May 10, 1910

    The National Arbeiter Verband, which is the name of a new Jewish worker's benefit organization, organized a short time ago, has been growing by leaps and bounds. Branches are being organized in all sections of the country.

    We have just received the declaration of principles of the National Arbeiter Verband and they are as follows: The worker's status is grave; his years are consumed in creating wealth for the world while he himself remains poor weak, and unprotected in time of need, sickness, or other troubles which so often befall him. Bad as conditions are in other trades, they are worse in dominantly Jewish trades. Employment in these trades, in densely populated Ghetto districts of our land, is replete with sickness and suffering, and it is to alleviate such suffering at all times that this organization was created.

    Our purpose is not only to lighten the immediate burden of the Jewish worker but also to strive toward the creation of a Just Social System, which will eradicate the rules of the Economic Royalists and their exploitation of the worker class.


    We realize fully that the salvation of the Jewish worker will not be obtained as long as the unnatural status of the Jewish people continues. We feel that our people should engage in a wholesale movement unto the land and create a farmer group among us. We think that existing Jewish "Orders" do not represent our Jewish masses, and represent reactionary views.

    In short the National Arbeiter Verband strives for; 1. Help in time of need or sickness, 2. Education of the Jewish worker to his full social and national interests. We feel that such a program should appeal to Jewish workers and that the organization will experience much expansion in the near future, throughout the land.

    (Signed) Shochet Ben Ha-Rav.

    III B 1, II D 2