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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- April 01, 1910

    The Slutsker Aid Verein wishes to announce that whoever wishes to join this large verein may do so without any payment of an entrance fee. One can receive benefits equal to those given by any of the large lodges. We provide a six week sick-benefit at five dollars a week. We have a loan fund from which you can borrow necessary sums of money without interest. We belong to a hospital where our patients are given special attentions. Every member is also entitled to an insurance policy of 400 dollars. You receive all this for merely 50 cent monthly dues. For particulars inquire - M. Solkir 640 Kramer Street or our president, Mr. Berger 641 Kramer Street and M. Cohen, 1230 Morgan Street. We meet the first and third Sunday of every month at Rosenberg's Hall, Maxwell and Halsted.

    II D 2