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  • United Hebrew Charities -- December 26, 1890
    (U. H. C. Correspondence)

    Quotations from a letter sent to B. H. Hartogensis, Esq. Editor "Jewish Exponent", Baltimore, Md., by B. J. Werthsimer, Secretary in regard to the good work being done by the Labor Bureau of the U. H. C. -

    "I send you by today's mail reports for 88-89 and 89-90 in which I have marked matter referring to the Labor Bureau. Of course I am unable to state how many of the beneficiaries would have found employment without our aid but if you will note that 90% of the applicants last year were foreigners, it is but reasonable to conclude that few, if any, could have procured work without its assistance. And I may add that almost all of those for whom employment was secured would have become charges upon our relief society had no work been supplied them.

    The Superintendent of the bureau, Mr. Bartenstein, devotes all of his time to that work and receives a salary of $1800 a year. His office is connected with that of the Relief office so that the Supt. of Relief may turn over to him at once the applicants for whom the Bureau should care. In general we have found the Labor Bureau of great value in charitable work in uncovering frauds on 2the one hand and on the other in enabling many worthy persons to become self-sustaining. I earnestly hope that your efforts in establishing such a bureau in Baltimore may meet with success."

    II D 1, I D 2 c, II D 8