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  • Reform Advocate -- October 03, 1891
    [Report on Aid to Russian Refugees]

    From the report of Dr. A. R. Levy, as superintendent of the new organization to aid the Russian refugees that come to Chicago.

    "Our work in its various phases has the attention of several organizations, which work hand in hand for a common good. The Sheltering Home, "Hachnosas Orchem", has sheltered to the 15th of this month 652 people, having given to some, shelter and food for 12 days,while others stayed at the Home but one or two days. The West Side Young Ladies' Aid Society, an organization of twenty young ladies, is looking after the management of the Home. A committee of physicians, with Dr. Meyerowitz as the daily attending medical, looks after the sanitary condition of the House and the health of the inmates.

    "The Zion Personal Service Society has enlisted in the work and has a committee daily at our office to assist the Advisory Board. This Society is handling such cases as require their help. The B.B. lodges, represented by the president of the District Grand Lodge, are also in our work.


    "The varied work carried on by the Executive Committee can only be briefly alluded to in this report. The finding of employment for the skilled laborers and the placing of the unskilled ones, the providing for orphan children, the placing of widows in a position to support themselves and those dependent on them, and the furthering of the best insterests of the refugees by distributing the families outside of the Canal St. district - all these are matters requiring no small effort."

    II D 1, II A 1, II D 8