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  • Reform Advocate -- October 07, 1893

    The thirty-fourth annual meeting of the United Hebrew Charities of Chicago, was held last Tuesday night in the vestry room of the Sinai Temple. The annual reports were read.

    Mr. Kiss, Superintendent of the Relief Bureau, reported that during the year ending with Sept. 1893, 2,949 resident cases were assisted against 2,284 cases the previous year. During the same time, 185 transients were assisted. The total number of assisted cases was 3,134, comprising 5,100 adults and 8,200 children, or 13,300 persons in all, an increase of 31 per cent.

    President Bartenstein of the Employment Bureau, reported that 870 out of 966 applicants were given employment. Many of these have become self-supporting. Of the applicants, 676 came from Russia.

    The Hospital Committee reported that 1,072 patients were treated during the year. 23 mothers were skilfully cared for in the maternity ward.


    There were 70 applicants for admission to the Training School for Nurses, and 23 are now in school.

    In the Pharmaceutical Department, 7,658 prescriptions were filled for the Hospital, and 5,687 for poor patients outside of the Hospital.

    Mr. B. I. David, Superintendent of the Hospital, reported that of the 1,072 patients treated, 99 were Jewish pay-patients, 600,Jewish charity-patients, 257, non-Jewish pay-patients, and 116, non-Jewish charity-patients. The income from the pay-patients was $13,932.50.

    The South Side Ladies Sewing Society disbursed $4,021.34, over 300 families being assisted. The West Side Ladies Sewing Society clothed 205 families, consisting of 900 persons, at an expense of over $2,200. The North Side Society expended over $2,600 in giving relief to 285 families.

    The Relief Department received during the year over $26,500, and expended nearly $28,500, the exact deficit being $1,678.65.

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