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  • The Occident -- September 10, 1886
    United Order of Honor

    The Honor B. J. David, Deputy Supreme President, organized Occidental Lodge Monday Evening, September 6 inst. in St. Georges Hall 182 E. Madison Street, with a large Charter membership, composed of many of the most learned professional and able business men in our city.

    After the election and installation of officers and appropriate speeches had been made by the various members, the Honor B. J. David replied,

    "Officers and members, it affords me great pleasure to see so much enthusiasm in my midst, which demonstrates to me that you are well pleased with the noble principles of this Order. On April 26, 1881, the first lodge was organized, and now its usefulness has reached nearly every State in the Union. (Yellow-Fever districts excepted.) It is universally accepted by the most competent Judges to be one of the most refined, useful inexpensive and progressive 2societies in existence, and endorsed by our best class of citizens. Its objects are literary, social and mutual aid, and gives its members the kind of protection they require, because it pays $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000, the full amount, to its members first should they become permanently disabled by accident or disease by which they can enjoy it while living, or second when they attain the age of seventy five years, or third at the death of a member, the amount goes to their will and this endowment is paid within thirty days after being notified of such.

    "I trust that you will ever bear in mind that charity is one of the noble principles of this order, and that you will never be guilty of withholding the hand of charity from any deserving member."

    II B 1 d, II D 2