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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- October 14, 1920
    A New Jewish Violin Genius (In English)

    Chicago Jewry has produced many a great of theatrical talent and many a great artist. Nora Bayes, the queen of American vaudeville, is a Chicago Jewish girl, and Lester Allen, the young comedian, is a Chicago boy. And there are scores of other great Jewish artists, who are calling Chicago their home town. But Victor Young, acclaimed by Europe music masters the greatest boy violinist of today, and the son of a chorus man of the Yiddish theater in Chicago, is, no doubt, the greatest artistic genius Chicago Jewry has ever produced. The great music masters in Europe maintain that Victor Young's genius will soon overshadow that of Mischa Elman and Jascha Heifetz.

    Victor Young, though born and raised in Chicago, on Maxwell Street, has received his musical training in Warsaw, where he was sent by his father shortly prior to the outbreak of the war. There he received his musical training, and among his 2masters in Warsaw, who devoted much care to his education, were the famous Yarsemsky, and Issadore Lotto, the celebrated finger technician. Later on, Tone Dichter and Stanislav Barowicz taught him for more than a year, and finally he received his diploma of merit from the famous conservatory of music in Warsaw.

    His first appearance was at a special concert arranged for him by the Warsaw Philharmonic orchestra under the direction of Julius Wertheim. His success was instantaneous. Playing before Russian generals and nobles, while in Warsaw, he was later on introduced to the late Czar Nicholas in Petrograd, and his playing was so admirable that the Czar presented him with many gifts, and is not for the revolution, Victor Young would already be today a Heifetz or Elman. Having been connected with the court of the Czar, the Bolsheviki deemed it advisable to get rid of him, and it is only by a miracle that he escaped death, for he was already sentenced to die. After a long and tiresom escapade, he succeeded in reaching Warsaw, then Paris, and from there to the United States.

    His concert will be prevented under the auspices of Vissels and Voegeli at 3Orchestra Hall, on November 9, when Master Victor Young will be twenty-one years old. Then he will start on a concert tour of America. The Chicago musical critics, who have recently heard him playing, say that his concert tour will make an epoch in violin performances--that he will soon be recognized as a leading violin master in the world.

    It is interesting to note that a great many businessmen, professional men, artists and newspapermen, who are patronizing music, have lost no time in recognizing the musical genius of Victor Young, and especially Mr. Jacob Handelsman, department manager of the Kimball Piano Company, who is himself a fine connoisseur of music, are responsible for the arranging of the concert in Chicago, and for the furthering of Victor Young's career in America.

    II A 3 b, III H