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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- July 07, 1914
    Ira Nelson Morris, Second Jewish Ambassador

    President Wilson nominated Ira Nelson Morris of Chicago as United States Minister to Sweden today. The President submitted the nomination immediately to the Senate, where it was asserted that the nomination will be approved.

    With the appointment of Mr. Morris as American envoy to Sweden, the number of American Jewish ambassadors increased to two. The first Jewish ambassador appointed by President Wilson was Morgenthau, to Turkey.

    Mr. Morris is the son of the late Jewish millionaire, Nelson Morris. He was born in Chicago thirty-nine years ago and was educated at Phillips Academy where he graduated with honors.


    Later he devoted a great deal of time to the study of world problems. In 1898 he began his business career which was a very brilliant one.

    During this time he was occupied with social problems and philanthropy. His remarkable feats in this field won him great recognition from men and women welfare workers.

    Until recently he was an active member of the Chicago Peace Society and also foreign delegate to the American Peace Conference. This led him into association with the greatest men and women of the world who are leaders in the world peace movement.


    In 1913 he was appointed by President Wilson as Special Commissioner in Italy where he succeeded, through his diplomatic work, in having the Italian government represented at the Panama-Pacific Exposition.

    Mr. Morris is also noted for his writings which are highly esteemed in literary circles. His book, With the Trade Winds, has been lauded by its critics.

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