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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- May 20, 1906

    Is the Jew a Good Customer?

    Very few of our business men realize just how great the purchasing power of the Jew in Chicago is. Many business men seem to ignore this purchasing power and others will tell you that the Jew is the most difficult customer to sell to in that he is always seeking bargains.

    Most business men do not understand Jewish trade or how to get it. Actually, the Jewish customer either in retail or wholesale business is the best customer in the world. Jews are known throughout as a people of business. Business is the life blood of the Jew. He seems to understand better than others the value of merchandise and what it can be sold for.

    Phillipson's two large stores in the center of the Chicago Jewish district, seem to prove these statements. Phillipson's stores draw ninety per cent of its business from Jews. Samuel Phillipson was the first merchant to appeal particularly to Jewish trade.


    Jewish Merchants.

    Jews are the largest wholesale customers in the country. Aside from the many thousands of stores in large cities, there are still many more thousands of stores in small towns that are owned by Jews.

    To gain such a reputation, there was more than honesty and work needed. Price and quality of merchandise were determining factors.

    The Jews as a Retail Customer.

    The Jew buys a good deal for personal use. The Jew spends very little upon trivial things, but he therefore spends a good deal more upon food and clothing. Jews, generally buy from the better groceries in the market and are a bit more particular about the quality of clothing they purchase. They also believe in paying cash.


    This sort of trade, it seems to us, is the best in the world.

    The secret of success in business is to understand the class of people with whom you are dealing, to know how to satisfy them and to do so.

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