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This article was published in 1872.
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  • [Association documents] -- September 01, 1872
    Sinai Congregation, Special Meeting, Minutes

    .....the Committee (of the whole) voted on the question to instruct the Committee on Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws to recommend to the next General Meeting to strike out in our Constitution in Section 1 of Article 15, the word Biblical, and .....sixteen voted for the motion an twenty-six against it.....

    The following Resolution was then unanimously passed: Whereas the proposed change in our Constitution regarding the observance of the Sabbath is not agreeable to many members therefore -

    Be It Resolved:

    1. That a better attendance at our public worship is henceforth expected, and thereby an interest and progress in Religion attained, whosoever advocated Saturday shall show it by example, and he who advocates Sunday shall not stay away, as an attendance will bring about mutual understanding and harmonious actions cherished by all.


    2. It is conceded on all sides that the light participation in our public worship is a detriment and reproach upon the congregation and Judaism, and that either one change or another must follow, therefore if public worship on Saturday is upheld by the members, the question of a change will rest, yet otherwise it will soon come up again as a natural consequence.

    3. For the purpose of affording an apportunity to the youth to hear sometimes a word of religion, this congregation will as soon as possible arrange for a periodical Sunday service or lecture, and the members use their influence upon the youth to have them attend the same.

    I B 4, III B 3 b