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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- April 21, 1918
    Joseph Schaffner Is Dead

    Joseph Schaffner, one of the most outstanding Jewish businessmen in Chicago and founder of the firm of Hart, Schaffner and Marx, the largest clothing concern in the world, died Friday morning after a lengthy illness at his home, 4819 Greenwood Avenue, at the age of 70.

    His funeral will take place Monday from Sinai Temple, where Dr. Emil G. Hirsch will deliver the funeral eulogy.

    Joseph Schaffner was born in Reedsburg, Ohio and was reared in Cleveland. He came to Chicago in 1871 and began his career as an employee of Hart Brothers, who were at that time in the furnishing business. Later he, together with Harry Hart, Max Hart and Marcus Marx organized the clothing firm of Hart, Schaffner and Marx.

    Besides being a great businessman and a person of initiative, Mr. Schaffner 2was also a philanthropist and possessed an excellent literary taste. In his youth he studied and supported literary movements.

    He practicularly distinguished himself in the province of creating better and friendlier relations between employer and employee. He was one of the first to recognize the progressive tendencies in industrial life. The agreement, which was concluded by the firm of Hart, Schaffner and Marx with its employees six years ago, has since then always been renewed and improved, and has become a model in industrial disputes.

    Mr. Schaffner was the founder and supporter of the School of Commerce of Northwestern University, and since 1910 has served as a trustee of that institution.

    In 1888 he married Miss Sarah Halle of Cleveland. Three children were born of this union. All three reside in Chicago.


    The Joint Board of Hart, Schaffner and Marx requests all workers of this concern to attend the funeral of Joseph Schaffner tomorrow at 10 A.M. at Sinai Temple, 46th Street and Grand Boulevard. Sidney Hillman, president of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union, who is now in Chicago, will attend the funeral together with the local leaders, like Sam Levin and others.

    All shops of this concern will be closed on Monday. The workers will be paid, and in respect to the man who was the first to conclude an agreement with this organization, the Amalgamated requests all to come to the funeral.

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