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  • Daily Jewish Courier -- January 22, 1923
    Good Morning by Dr. S. M. Melamed

    Jabotinsky has finally resigned from the Zionist Executive. He resigned two years too late, and the truth of the matter is that he should never have been a member of the Zionist Executive, because he is not a person who can accept the discipline of a political organization. Jabotinsky is a very competent writer, but a very poor statesman. As a diplomat, he is a wild person and can, in one day, disrupt something that has taken many years to build. He has all the earmarks of the Russian intelligentsia, and a member of the Russian intelligentsia is often a good orator and always a good fanatic. He is always a theoretician but never a good diplomat because he cannot distinguish between rigid theory and actual practice. As a member of the Zionist Executive, Jabotinsky did not accomplish anything. On the contrary, he made a lot of trouble. His unauthorized transactions with 2the agents of Petlura practically ruined the [World] Zionist Organization. He will certainly be more successful as a feuilletonist than as a diplomat and party leader.

    III H, IV