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  • Lietuva -- December 22, 1899
    Reply to Katalikas and its Boss

    The Simonas Daukantas Society held its special meeting on December 9, 1899, and decided to reply to the lying statements Rev. Krawczunas published in Katalikas, making lying statements about the celebration which was held on November the 5th, saying that this celebration was dirty infidelity. The Katalikas, at the beginning of its article stated that this festival was given by A. Olszewski. It was given not by Olszewski, but by the Society of Simonas Daukantas. It looks to us that Mr. Olszewski is like a red rag to the bull to both Rev. Krawczunas and his editor Rusikis.

    Further, the Katalikas is lying when it says that during the marching parade, the ribbons were given to the by-standers in order to get more people in the parade. This is a great lie. Nobody gave any ribbons; nobody invited the by-standers to join the parade because we had enough marchers from the seven societies.


    Furthermore, the Katalikas says that some of the speakers were dissolute, infidels, despisers of God and religion. This is another lie. The Katalikas lies because we did not have on the program the Chicago Lithuanian rector, whose greatest occupation is to frequent the Polish Alliance and spend the time in the dens of drinking, and for this our rector is known to all the Chicago public, as a drunkard and dissolute God's servant.

    Did ever the Katalikas' editor, Rusikis, or the Rev. Krawczunas tried to hold a national celebration? Do they understand what a national festival is? They ignore that the Simonas Daukantas' annual festival has nothing to do with religion. This is a national, not a religious celebration. At this celebration everyone present has the right to come to the stage and express his or her views. At our celebrations or meetings we do not have or make fights, as Rev. Krawczunas does at parish meetings. The Katalikas editor and the Rev. Krawczunas denounce the celebration as infidelity because they cannot reap the profits for themselves. Up to the present time our spiritual leader has made himself notorious by his fights at the parish meetings and by expelling honest people from the parish.


    We are demanding from our spiritual leader not shameful lies and denunciations, but enlightening and educational articles in his newspaper. (This would be) much better than the dirty lies, insults and shameless attacks on the people who are propagating culture and humanism.

    The Simonas Daukantas society.

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