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  • Lietuva -- January 05, 1900
    The Protest of 'St. John Baptist Society' against the Lies of Katalikas

    Chicago, December 10, 1899, the Society of St. John Baptist held its meetin the church hall, 33rd Street and Auburn Avenue. At this meeting the members decided to make a protest against the newspaper Katalikas for publishing the lying article in the No. 49 of the newspaper, that the St. John Baptist Society was trying to wrong the St. Martin Society's banquet; that it would have its own banquet on November 29, while the St. Martin's Theatrical Society was to hold its banquet then and it was advertised for several weeks.

    Is there any truth? Does the Katalikas' editor have no shame for publishing such lies in his newspaper, which has such a prominent name as Katalikas? It seems that under good names good deeds are not always made. The saying is, "That the dog's voice does not go to heaven," therefore, the lies of Katalikas will not reach even the ears of good people.


    To say that our society did not advertise its banquet! Let the Katalikas' editor look in No. 37 of Lietuva, September 15, and it will find the same advertisement of our society as it was advertised on November 26.

    Furthermore, the Katalikas is lying in saying that the St. John Baptist's Society, by trying to wrong the St. Martin's Society, had no profit from its banquet, because there were few people at our banquet. The Katalikas is lying without shame. There were many people and we had a fair profit.

    At last, the Katalikas demands that we should expel from our society all the followers of Olszewski. On the Katalikas' demand we reply that from this New Year, Katalikas should not stick his nose where it does not belong, and that it should stop lying; that the Katalikas should not interfere any more in the affairs of St. John Baptist's Society.

    The Society of St. John Baptist have been friendly with the Theatrical Society of St. Martin. There were no disputes between these two societies; they always worked together and sold each other tickets of banquets or performances.


    We must say that when the lying article was published in Katalikas, the delegates of our society went to the Katalikas' editor and demanded that he repeal his lies and publish our protest, but the Katalikas refused to do so.

    The St. John Baptist Society

    Gecewycze, President

    Zilivilis, Secretary.

    III C, II B 2 d 1, IV