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  • Lietuva -- January 27, 1894
    Appeal by the Chicago Lithuanian Societies to all the Lithuanian Societies of America

    Last year we had an anniversary celebration of Simonas Daukantas. Spectacles and speeches about our great benefactor are not enough. Look at the other nations, they build monuments for their heroes, great men and benefactors. So we Lithuanians must do more than to hold meetings, listen to speeches and then forget about it.

    It would be a better kind of jubilee for our great benefactor to have a book published in order to show what Simonas Daukantas has done for Lithuanianism and the nation. Let the Lithuanians read about this great man of ours.

    Every Lithuanian society and individuals must contribute sums of money for publication of, such a book. The names of donators must be published in the book. The price of a book ought to be low enough so that even the poorest person could buy it. The Chicago Lithuanian societies decided that each society should contribute $15.00 for publication of the jubilee book. Not less than 20,000 copies of this book ought to be printed.

    The presidents of the Chicago Lithuanian societies who made this appeal are:


    President K. Andruszis, of St. Casimir the Prince Society;

    President St.Pocewiczius of the Province of God Society;

    President J.F.Dzialtuwa, of St.George Society;

    President W.Wabalinskas, of The Duke Gedeminas Society;

    President A.Naweckas, of St.John the Baptist Society;

    President F.A.Mikolainis, of Simonas Daukantos Society.

    III B 3 a, II B 2 d 3, II C