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  • Lietuva -- September 02, 1893
    Lithuanians -- Pay Attention

    September 10, Sunday, 7 P. M., the Chicago Branch of the Lithuanian Alliance will hold its meeting at Pulaski Hall, 800 S. Ashland avenue. All Lithuanians come to this meeting, as we have many important questions to decide for the good of Lithuanianism.

    J. Kolenskas

    President of "Alliance Branch."

    Furthermore,there are over 6,000 Lithuanians in Chicago, but very few belong to the Lithuanian Alliance of America. Many say that the central officials of this organization are in Pennsylvania, so, we Chicago Lithuanians have nothing to do and we must have our own Chicago Lithuanian alliance. Such a plan is no good. Lithuanians of America must have their alliance in order to accomplish something good for ourselves and Lithuania.

    The Lithuanian Alliance of America already has published two books: The history of Europe, and The Manners of Ancient Lithuanians. These books were given free to all members of the Lithuanian Alliance.


    If we had a separate Lithuanian alliance in Chicago we could not publish such books and distribute them free to our members.

    When we belong to the Lithuanian Alliance of America, we can accomplish more, and publish more books, establish libraries, we can uplift Lithuanian culture.

    We hope that the Chicago Lithuanian societies will take this into consideration and join the Lithuanian Alliance of America.

    The Chicago Alliance Branch.

    III B 2, II B 2 d 3