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  • Lietuva -- November 03, 1911
    The Chicago Lithuanian Societies Association

    At last, the project of uniting the Lithuanian societies in Chicago has been accomplished. On Oct. 31, at St. George's Hall, 32nd Place and Auburn Avenue, a meeting was held by the delegates from ten Lithuanian societies of Chicago. They approved the project and the by-laws with minor changes. The most important decision was that this organization will be called: The Chicago Lithuanian Societies Association, instead of, The Association of the Lithuanian Societies of Chicago. They have decided to get the charter at once, and for that purpose, they appointed new officials of this organization; president, J. J. Elias; vice-president, Pranas Butkus; secretary, J. J. Hertmanavicius; treasurer J. E. Eudeikis; and Attorney F. P. Bradchulis was appointed to help get the charter.

    The dues of The Chicago Lithuanian Societies Association will be as follows: Initiation dues, five cents; monthly dues: one cent from every 2member of the society that belongs to the association.

    The societies that want to join this organization must call the secretary of this association for information or application blanks.

    J. J. Hertmanavicius, Secretary

    3252 South Halsted Street, Chicago.

    III B 2, II D 1, IV