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  • Sandara -- January 03, 1930
    [Lithuanian Christmas Party]

    Last Friday evening, December 27, at Petrokas hall, a Christmas party was held by the Lithuanian National League for the benefit of the members of the Young Lithuanian Choir. More than seventy children came to the party, some with their parents and others alone.

    The party started at 8 P.M. sharp with special program arranged for the children. This program consisted of various games, dancing, and singing, with a children's orchestra furnishing the music. There was great interest and enthusiasm. The party opened with the singing of the American national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," followed by the Lithuanian national anthem, "Lietuva Tevyne Music" (Lithuania, Our Fatherland).

    Then they started dancing their native Lithuanian dances, and American dances.

    While the children were dancing and having a good time, their parents were watching them enjoy their party with great enthusiasm. The parents, 2seeing their children having a good time, were tempted to join the party and have a good time with them. As a matter of fact, it seemed that nobody could refrain from joining the party. The affair started as a children's entertainment, but it soon became an entertainment for the grown-ups as well. We don't know which was so tempting to the parents, the music or their children.

    The evening passed very quickly while the children played and danced. After the dancing, Lithuanian candy and gifts were passed out to the children by the members of the Lithuanian National League. At the end of the evening everybody was well contented, children and grown-ups. They all had a good time and departed for home in a happy mood.

    III B 2, II B 1 c 3