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  • Lietuva -- January 01, 1915
    Plan to Establish Home for Lithuanian Orphans by M. C

    A meeting of representatives of a number of Lithuanian organizations was held on December 27 at St. George's [Lithuanian] Parish Hall, 32nd Place and Auburn [now Lithuanica]Avenue. The purpose of the meeting was to create a charitable Lithuanian organization. It was opened with an introductory address by the Reverend A. Staniukynas. After explaining the purpose of the meeting and the necessity for a charitable organization, he invited the Reverend M. L. Krusas to act as chairman. Mr. Baksys was elected secretary.

    Reverend Krusas explained in his talk the miserable plight of Lithuanian orphans in Chicago. He stated that with the united effort of all the Lithuanian organizations in Chicago it would be very easy to establish a home for Lithuanian orphans.

    The secretary recorded the names of those who attended the meeting according to the communities in which they live. The result showed that there were 2twenty-one persons from the 18th Street community, and only eight from the others. Reverend Matthew Krauciunas and several others argued that in order to discuss successfully such an unquestionably worthy and important matter as the establishment of an orphans' home, a larger meeting with representatives from all the Chicago Lithuanian communities was essential. With that thought in mind, it was decided to issue a call for a larger and more representative meeting to be held next Sunday afternoon, January 3, in the same hall. It was decided to advertise this meeting in the Lithuanian newspapers.

    Among those who were present at the meeting were the following Lithuanian priests: the Reverends Krauciunas, Staniukynas, Ezerskis, Krusas, Kemesis, and Ignatius Albavicius.

    II D 4, II D 10, IV