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  • Lietuva -- January 08, 1909
    Ausra Society to Give Seven More Lectures

    The Ausra (Aurora) Society, a student aid and general educational society, gave four lectures during the late fall season. The last lecture took place on December 27. All four lectures were delivered by prominent Chicago Lithuanians, and were well attended by our people.

    The lecturers and subjects of their lectures were as follows: "The Value of Education," by J. J. Hertmanavicius; "Is Society Necessary to Mankind," by A. Zagaras; "The Moral Code of Anarchism," by J. Laukis; "Ethical Culture," by J. Sernas. Reviews, criticisms, and details of these lectures appear in the following editions of the Lietuva: November 20, November 27, December 25, and January 8.

    It is often difficult for people to learn, but it is still more difficult to teach others. In order to teach others successfully it is necessary 2not only to be thoroughly familiar with the subject, but also to know how to teach. We Lithuanians lack specialists and experienced educators in the various branches of learning. However, in spite of these handicaps, the Ausra Society, whose purpose is to promote the intellectual development of our people, is doing the best it can under the circumstances to carry out its aims. We can develop ourselves and our leaders only by experience. If we keep on trying we are certain to progress. There is a three-fold benefit attached to the educational lectures of the Ausra Society: Those who deliver the lectures receive practice and training; those who attend the lectures are enriched with knowledge; proceeds from these lectures go to aid worthy Lithuanian college students.

    The Ausra Society has arranged the following lectures for the present winter season:


    1) "The Theory For the Cultivation of the Brain," by J. Varkala, January 31.

    2) "The Future of Religion," by attorney F. P. Bradchulis, February 7.

    3) "The Importance of Language," by J. J. Hertmanavicius, February 14.

    4) "The Revival of Lithuanian Art," by A. Zmuidinavicius (Zemaitis), March 7.

    5) "Care of the Throat," by Dr. A. Zimontas, March 14.

    6) "Osteopathy," by Dr. V. Martisius, March 28.


    7) "Chemistry," by F. Butkus, April 4.

    [Translator's Note: The Ausra society is still existing to this day (March, 1939) as the Lithuanian University Club.]

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