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  • Lietuva -- January 01, 1915
    New Lithuanian Books

    Bevalstybine Draugija (Stateless Society), a translation of the sixth section of the book Prisons, Police, and Punishment. Issued by the Laisvosios Zmonijos (Free Mankind) Company. Published by the Jaunoji Lietuva (Young Lithuania) Press, Chicago, Illinois. This book was previously printed in installments in the Jaunoji Lietuva. It contains thirty-eight pages.

    Ne Savo Vezej. Violoncelininkas Behnke. Kaukvakaris. (Not In His Own Line. Viola Player Behnke. A Masquerade.) This is a book of translations of three different subjects. It contains forty-seven pages; price fifteen cents. Published by the Jaunoji Lietuva (Young Lithuania) Literary Library No. 1, Chicago, Illinois.

    Aureole (Aureole). An oration by Rev. M. Gustaitis. Dedicated to the Lithuanian Sisters of St. Casimir, of St. Casimir Convent, Chicago, Illinois. Published by Draugas (The Friend), Chicago, Illinois. It contains twenty-four pages.


    Blogi Kudikiu Paprociai (Bad Habits of Children). Written by Dr. A. L. Graiciunas according to B. W. Knight and W. Robinson. Published by Draugas (The Friend), Chicago, Illinois. It contains forty-five pages.

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