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  • Lietuva -- January 01, 1909
    New Lithuanian Periodical to Be Published in Chicago

    The Zinia (News) Society, a newly organized Chicago Lithuanian society, has completed plans for the publication of a new Lithuanian monthly magazine, entitled Musu Gyvenimas (Our Life).

    The Musu Gyvenimas will contain the following sections: (1) Long scientific and educational articles;(2) short fiction stories;(3) bibliography;(4) comments and criticism;(5) various miscellaneous articles;(5) questions of the day;(7) poetry;(8) all kinds of books, etc.

    In order to encourage and attract the best writers the Zinia Society will 2make an effort to pay for all manuscripts that are accepted for publication in the Musu Gyvenimas. The publication will be independent, and shall not serve any party or organization. Controversial writings will not be published. The periodical will be in the form of a booklet and will contain about forty-eight pages.

    Bruno Vargsas, famous Lithuanian author and playwright, has been invited to become the editor of the Musu Gyvenimas. Mr. Vargsas is the author of the following theatrical plays: "Paskutine Banga" (The Last Wave); "Antras Krikstas" (The Second Baptism); "Milijonai Vandenyj" (Millions in Water); "Saliamono Sapnas" (Solomon's Dream); "Pirmi Zingsniai" (The First Steps); "Galilelio Galilejus" (Galileo of Galilee); and many short fiction stories and monologues.


    All Lithuanians are asked to support this new publication; its success depends altogether upon the support of the Lithuanians of Chicago and the United States. The Muso Gyvenimas promises to play an important role in the educational and cultural uplift of our people. Therefore, it deserves the full support of every Lithuanian. Those who are in sympathy with our plan are asked to subscribe to the Muso Gyvenimas immediately. The subscription rate is $1.50 per year; single numbers will be 15 cents.

    Address all communications in regards to the Musu Gyvenimas to the Zinia Society, 2515 Kensington Avenue, Pullman Station, Chicago, Illinois.

    II B 2 d 2, IV