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  • Katalikas -- January 05, 1899
    [Katalikas States its Policy]

    In those days when a newspaper appeared, the public was very enthused about its contents and aims, both from a political and educational viewpoint.

    We will state briefly that our paper Katalikas will devote its entire time to the affairs of Lithuanian Catholics of America. Knowing that knowledge is a power and education is one of the greatest assets to a man, therefore every one ought to be interested in education.

    Education based on religion and morality make people stronger spiritually and more competent in fulfilling their duties. We must study and make every effort to educate ourselves with a real education. We must read good books and good newspapers in order to know our past and present needs of our people. Knowing our own needs and needs of our fatherland, we must prepare ourselves for a better future, then we will be on the same level with the nations that are more advanced in education. Without education, we will be always degraded and serve others as slaves. Therefore Katalikas will make every effort to educate Lithuanian Catholics and explain the needs of Lithuania and American Lithuanians. Knowing that education without God and morality is the road which leads to perdition, through which we can travel but we cannot return. We will put in an article in the paper on how 2we should live and with help of God we will be able to save ourselves from all evils, from those who degrade us and lead us to perdition. Education is very useful and it plays important part in this world, but education without religion and faith in God loses its value. Our present day great scholars, benefactors of mankind were worshipers of God; but there are some people who make statements that there is no God; that there is no eternal life and that they may live as they please. Those people have not learned anything worth while and at the same time they have lost their faith in God through their dissolute life.

    Such people wish that there were no God, because their conscience tells them that God's punishment for their immoral life is waiting for them. Therefore, these people wish to still their conscience and don't wish to be told about God. They rather have their conscience suppressed than to admit the existence of our God. For example, if a drunkard is worrying about something, he will not stop drinking, but he will start drinking more in order to forget his troubles.

    The very same thing with those people, who do not believe in God. If 3somebody happens to mention to them of our Christ and His teachings of Christian faith, and the laws of our church, they begin to abuse and disrespect more. They even write in their newspapers against our church and Catholic faith. It is obvious that they don't want to know or hear about the eternal life. Their conscience tells them that it would be better if there were no eternal life, moreover, they are afraid of the life beyond, which they may have to face in the future, and be punished for their immoral deeds which they had committed during the period of their existence upon this earth. They also know that one cannot hope anything good for immoral life after death.

    It would be much better for those people, especially those who live in this world, merely to fill their stomachs and satisfy their physical desires, to maintain silence than to write in papers, stating that science has proved that there is no God and no eternal life.

    Nobody can believe or follow those who are against our faith, only one who needs psychopathic examination and an individual who lost his moral faith; however, we, Catholics, know well that Christian faith has no 4fear of science and the science agree with the religion and faith in God.

    In order to settle the argument between Catholics and Godless group who was so anxious to prove that the Catholic church was afraid of science. To prove that the enemies of God and church are spreading false propaganda against the church.

    The holy Father Leonas XIII opened his library to scholars and the scientists of the world and appealed to all Catholics urging them to make scientific investigations. He said. "Who considers the spirit of the times will understand that this is the time for scientific investigation, that natural science agrees best with Christian faith. Therefore we, as sons of the Holy Catholic Church, must take care of religious education that opens the way to understanding of our faith in God. Only through religious education we will recognize our needs and we will understand our problems and purpose for which we were created.

    II B 2 d 1, III C