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  • Lietuva -- October 11, 1901
    Rev. Krawczunas Loses His Fifth Case

    Those who have read The History of the Chicago Lithuanians know that Rev. Krawczunas sued the Lietuva's publisher and editor in the criminal and civil courts. Once he sued for an article published in Lietuva on Oct. 28, 1898, and four times for the article published on Oct. 14,1898. Every time the poor fellow lost his case. The last time he sued the Lietuva's publisher and editor for $10,000. This trial came to an end on October 8th. The priest's three lawyers tried their best to prove that the publisher and editor of Lietuva was guilty. The case was thrown out of court and Rev. Krawczunas must pay the court costs. The greatest expense were the lawyers: for each lawyer the priest paid $100 per day. $100 per day.

    Now that Rev. Krawczunas has lost all his cases against Lietuva nothing remains for the priest to do but kneel before God and beg His mercy, because the priest did not know what he was doing.


    Rev. Krawczunas is now being sued by the publisher and editor of Lietuva for $125,000, in other words, $25,000 for each case that the Rev. Krawczunas had against him. There are five cases against Rev. Krawczunas' head. The trial will come up soon. Where will the unfortunate Rev. Krawczunas get all that money? The parishioners should raise his salary and more should be paid for the Easter confession cards because the $6 cards will not bring enough money to pay all those thousands. It should be the duty of the parishioners to drink more beer at the church "fair" in order to help the priest raise the money. At present money is a great necessity to the priest.

    II B 2 d 1, II B 2 d 3, III C, IV