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  • Lietuva -- January 01, 1915
    Katalikas Issues Large 15th Anniversary Number (Advertisement)

    A newspaper can celebrate and issue an anniversary number only once in fifteen, twenty-five, or fifty years. Such anniversaries are very rare.

    This year is very important in that the largest Lithuanian newspaper, the Katalikas (The Catholic), has reached its fifteenth year of existence, and as a result has issued a large, beautiful, and profusely illustrated anniversary number. One of the main features of this number is an article entitled "What Is the Best Way to Promote the Cultural Uplift of Lithuanians in America?" This article has a lasting value.

    Every Lithuanian should get a copy of this anniversary number as a souvenir. It will be mailed to anyone upon receipt of ten cents.

    When writing, address as follows:


    J. M. Tananevicia,

    3249 South Morgan Street,

    Chicago, Illinois.

    II B 2 d 1, IV