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  • Lietuva -- April 12, 1907
    Activities of Branch Nineteen of Lovers of the Fatherland Society

    The Lovers of the Fatherland Society has accomplished a gigantic task in spreading enlightenment by the publication of scientific books. The purpose of this Society is to distribute its books free among the poor people in Lithuania and to collect money for poor Lithuanian students who cannot complete their education without help. Now that the press in Lithuania was restored, many educational and literary societies have been organized there, and there is a great demand for scientific books. The Lovers of the Fatherland Society have sent many books to Lithuania, but the demand for such books is still great. Therefore it is the duty of every Lithuanian to join this literary organization, the Lovers of the Fatherland Society, and to help the Society publish more scientific books and distribute them among poor Lithuanians in America and in Lithuania.

    The Chicago Lithuanians can join the nineteenth branch of the Lovers of the 2Fatherland Society. This branch will hold its meeting on the 14th of April at 3 P. M. in Rugis Hall, at the corner of 33rd and Morgan Streets. All Lithuanians, men and women, should come to the meeting and join this Society to help us rouse Lithuanians from their lethargy. Let us spread enlightenment and education among our ignorant brothers!

    B. Galskis

    Secretary, Branch Nineteen

    II B 1 e, III H