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  • Lietuva -- October 14, 1893
    Activities of Chicago Lithuanians

    In these days a priest named Burba has come to Chicago from Plymouth, Pennsylvania. This priest Burba's mission is to organize Chicago Lithuanians into the Lithuanian Alliance of America. A meeting was held in St. George's Hall. The Reverend Mr. Burba delivered a lecture on Lithuanianism. He told the audience that if the Lithuanians belonged to one organization such as the Lithuanian Alliance of America, they would accomplish great things, because the Lithuanian Alliance of America prints books and gives them free to all its members. The priest said that the Lithuanians as workingmen cannot buy every book nor subscribe to every newspaper, but that we can get books and newspapers if we will organize in one society which sponsors the publication of books.

    You Chicago Lithuanians can organize the Simonas Daukantas Literary Society and then join the Lithuanian Alliance of America, establish a library, subscribe to all Lithuanian newspapers, and buy books, and you may then read all kinds 2of literature free. By doing this you will improve yourselves in culture and in good manners.

    This year is the hundredth year since the death of Simonas Daukantas, the greatest Lithuanian historian. We must hold meetings and lectures in memory of Simonas Daukantas and organize literary societies in his name. We Lithuanians must show that we understand and appreciate the deeds of our literary men, such as Simonas Daukantas.

    After the Reverend Mr. Burba's lecture a committee was elected to organize the Simonas Daukantas Literary Society.


    II B 1 d