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  • Sandara -- January 03, 1930
    Annual Meeting of the Members of the Building Loan Association

    p.7...The Dollar Savings, Building and Loan Association, held its annual meeting December 26, 1929 at 2436 West 59th Street, Chicago, Illinois.

    The meeting was opened at 8:00 P.M., by P.J. Yuskevich, chairman of the Building Loan Association. A large number of members attended and participated in discussing various affairs of the association. For that reason the meeting was lively and interesting. The secretary made his report, and informed the public that the association has grown much stronger financially, and increased its membership. At present the association is in a very good financial position. Therefore, a net profit of seven per cent (7%) had been realized and was divided equally among the members of the association.

    All members were very well pleased when they received their dividends.


    One of the most important decisions made at the meeting was that every member be asked to recruit at least one new member. In that way we will have the benefit of a larger membership, and at the same time we will be able to invest more money, thus earning a greater profit. The association will benefit ten-fold if we increase the membership. Every member should be interested and help to build up the association, which is very important to our people, especially, to those who want to make a sound investment.

    It is pleasant to know we have elected three well-known business men in Chicago, as new members of the board of directors. These three men are chairman of three different chapters of the Lithuanian Alliance of America. They are experienced, and will help the association to grow stronger and bigger. Mr. F. Siratavicius, secretary, is a well-known business man of Marquette Park; Mr. George Stungis, is president, and Mr. J. Pocins, chairman. The above mentioned, are newly elected executives of the Building and Loan Association. We are confident that the business of the association will increase during the coming year,and hope to obtain better results than last.


    Therefore, it is advisable and proper for the Lithuanians of Marquette and vicinity to join the Building and Loan Association as soon as possible. Now is time to join and to start your savings account with the Dollar Savings, Building and Loan Association. New membership drive has just started. Those who want to join the Building and Loan Association should do so now.

    II A 2