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This article was published in 1905.
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  • Lietuva -- August 04, 1905
    Lovers of Education

    p. 2.... It is known to all that Lithuanians worthy of honor donated expensive Lithuanian books of literature, amounting to thousands of dollars, to the Aurora Society for the benefit of poor students. For such gifts the donators deserve credit, and a word of appreciation for their contributions and for helping poor Lithuanian students. However, we will not benefit, if we are going to keep these books in the Aurora Library without making use of them. Therefore, we are asking all student sympathizers and members of the organization, who are in need of books to apply to the Aurora Society librarian who will sell and rent the books. Mrs.M. Kasinskiene, the librarian, and the manager of the Aurora Society book shop, will give the best service and will help every individual in selecting books. Those who want to get information about the books may write to Mrs. M. Kasinskiene, Box 102, E. La Salle St., Aurora, Ill. In that manner, you will not only obtain the desired books, but you will perform a good deed.

    By buying books from the Aurora Society Library you will help the poor 2Lithuanian students and in addition help increase the number of educated men, whom we need today.

    I A 1 d, II B 1 e, II B 2 a