The Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey was published in 1942 by the Chicago Public Library Omnibus Project of the Works Progress Administration of Illinois. The purpose of the project was to translate and classify selected news articles that appeared in the foreign language press from 1855 to 1938. The project consists of 120,000 typewritten pages translated from newspapers of 22 different foreign language communities of Chicago.

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  • Skandinaven -- July 24, 1872
    [Celebrate Anniversary]

    The Norwegians of Chicago celebrated the 1000 Anniversary of Norway at Haas Park. The Norwegians gathered in front of the Norwegian Hall. Then a Norwegian silk banner was brought in by the ladies of the colony and presented to the Norwegian Men's Singing Society of Chicago. Pastor Peterson gave the banner to the singers after which they walked to their place in the parade. The band leader, Mr. Lindther, gave the command to start the march. The parade was led by twenty police officers, under police sergeant Johnson's command. The band played the Norwegian national anthem. Next came a division of Norwegian sailors dressed as though attending a regatta and marching under the Norwegian flag. Next under the various Scandinavian flags came the Scandinavian turners in their white uniforms; after them came the Norwegian societies under their new silk flag. After them came the following: The Workmen's Society; Norwegian Men's Singing Society; a row of carriages carrying the speakers of the day, and 2fifty Norwegian ladies wearing the Norwegian national costume. At the R.R. station forty-three coaches waited and they were taken to the park, only one half mile from the city.

    The start of the festival was announced by three cannon shots. Pastor C.J.P. Peterson made the special speech and he was stopped several times by enthusiastic applause. He finished his speech with "Hurrah for Norway" and a telegram was sent to Norway. Nine cannon shots shocked the neighborhood.

    III B 3 a, III B 2