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  • Skandinaven -- January 03, 1872
    [Scandinavians in Chicago]

    The last census showed 14000 Scandinavians to be in Chicago, of whom 6,373 were Norwegians, 6,154 Swedes and 1,243 Danes. If we figure children and grandchildren it would make a total of 30,000. No wonder that there are so many Scandinavian lodges.

    The Norwegian Turner Lodge established August 14, 1867, 115 members; Nora-Lodge, I.R.H.K., founded May 17, 1863; Norwegian Dramatic Club, founded March 12, 1868, 10-15 members; Norwegian Men's Singing Society, founded October 30, 1870, sixteen active and twenty passive members. The Norwegian Band, founded July 1, 1870, ten uniform members and the Norwegian National Guard, founded September 30, 1870. Exercises and Uniforms as U.S.A. Army-Norwegian Progressive Club, the purpose is churchly and social functions.

    III B 2, III A