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  • Chicago Tribune -- April 27, 1881
    Scandinavian Emigration

    An adjourned meeting of the Scandinavian Emigrant Relief Society was held last evening in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Huron and Rucker Streets. The business was transacted in the Norwegian language, and consisted in the election of new members, making a present total of forty-four, and the discussion of a new charter. It was decided that the operations of the society would be extensive enough to require its incorporation. It was decided last night to employ an agent to carry out the objects of the society, which the constitution defines to be as follows:

    To assist Scandinavian emigrants by advice and counsel both during their stay in the city and at their departure; to meet them upon their arrival and furnish them with suitable stopping-places while they remain; to endeavor to protect them from imposition; and to furnish the destitute with the necessary assistance.


    The funds for starting the work are being raised by a canvassing committee. It is intended that the society shall be in direct communication with the various steamship companies, and thus have reliable advices of the movement of Scandinavian emigrants.

    The chairman informed the Tribune reporter that during the period from January 1, to April 15, the number of Swedes who left the one port of Stockholm for America was about 25,000, against 11,000 for the same time last year. Norwegian ports are also sending out double the numbers of last year, and a dispatch from New York last night stated that contracts are completed to carry 60,000 emigrants from Norway to America.

    The names of the officers, who also constitute the Board of Directors, are as follows: O. L. Strangeland, president; L. Thoen, Andrew Moberg, L. Skielvig, vice-presidents; O. Rosler, corresponding-secretary; Henry Schreil, recording-secretary; A. Nelson, Treasurer.

    III B 2, II D 1