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  • Skandinaven -- January 25, 1889
    Ole G. Gudmundson

    In answer to an article in your paper, written by Ole G. Gudmundson, in which the said Mr. Gudmundson attacks the veracity of our presiding officer Ivan Schley in an interview with the reporter of your paper, the members of the St. Julian Lodge #92, passed the following resolutions for publication during their convention on January 23:

    Be it known that Ole G. Gudmundson, after an impartial trial for charges preferred against him, was unanimously suspended for a term of twenty-five years.

    Be it further known that brother Ivan Schley had nothing whatever to do with the matter, in his official capacity as presiding officer of the lodge:

    The members of this lodge further wish to state that it is an outrage that 2this man, Gudmundson, who claims to be a lawyer, assailed the veracity and character of brother Ivan Schley who had nothing whatever to do with the suspension of Ole G. Gudmundson.

    St. Julian Lodge #92.

    W. C. T. Nelson, Secretary.

    III B 2, I F 6, IV