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  • Chicago Tribune -- August 11, 1890
    Scandinavian Bricklayer's Club

    The picnic held at Belmont Park yesterday afternoon under the auspices of the Scandinavian Bricklayers' Club was one of the most enjoyable of the season. Indeed it seemed more like a family reunion than a public picnic, so sociable were all present. It was the second annual picnic given by the club, which was organized Feb. 3, 1889, for the mutual benefit of its members, none but union bricklayers can belong to the club. It now has about 150 members. Each member is paid $5.00 a week during sickness or disability, and about $450.00 was paid out for sick benefits last winter. The officers of the club are: Ed. Sundling, President; Andrew Lind, Secretary; Andrew Pearson, Financial Secretary; and John Stone, Treasurer.

    The attendance at the picnic was large. There was excellent music by a band of Scandinavian musicians, and dancing was indulged in by young and old.

    III B 2