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  • Chicago Tribune -- August 10, 1891
    United Turners Picnic

    The Norwegian Turners of Chicago and Pullman and the German Turners of Pullman held their annual picnic at Savdener's Park yesterday. This was the first time the German and Norwegian Turners have united to hold a gala day. About sixty Turners of Chicago left the train at Pullman, where they were joined by the Pullman delegation and the procession marched to the park.

    The procession numbered about 125 members of the society and 200 friends. Notwithstanding the intolerable weather a gay time was experienced when the delegation arrived at the ground, a crowd of probably 1000 people had assembled and were scattered beneath the trees. The day was too warm for dancing although splendid music was furnished by the Scandinavian Musical Society. After lunch some races were on the program, but few participated.

    A children's race of fifty yards was run and won by Charley Robinson, who was awarded an autograph album. John Duffey took first prize in the 100-yard dash and 2received a box of cigars. D. Erikson won the second prize, a cigar holder. No more contests were held although there were prizes offered and the managers made attempts to get starters, but the broiling sun shriveled all the ambition of the athletically inclined. An excellent drill was given by sixteen young ladies who compose the Norwegian Drill Corps. They executed difficult maneuvers with great skill and their efforts were loudly applauded.

    Another interesting feature of the day was the horizontal bar performances of Frighof Anderson, Anbert Anderson and O. Schulsig. Frighof Anderson is a man of wide reputation as an acrobat and won round after round of applause from the large audience.

    The festivities of the day were somewhat dampened by the heavy rain that came about 4:00 o'clock. When the time arrived to go to the train a numb bedraggled caravan started on its way across the fields to the station. Bangs that in the early morning curled gracefully above the eyes of the fair sex, felt damp and 3straight over their foreheads and white dresses were spattered with mud and water so that their former beauty was a thing of the past.

    Among the prominent members of the order were present were Ch.........

    President of the Chicago Turners, R. Eck, A. Stahl and Charles A. Smith, Captain. The management were well pleased with the success of the days outing although a much larger attendance was expected. The receipts of the picnic will be devoted to the general expenses of the society.

    III B 2, I C